Why is MoonBirds NFT so popular?

To most people, the year 2021 marked the beginning of the mainstreaming of non-fungible tokens. Even if total NFT sales fell in 2022, the buzz is far from gone. However, the trend seems to have altered from a fragmented industry to one in which blue-chip and high-end projects have taken center stage this year.

While certain initiatives, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Azuki, and others, continue to cast a cloud over many of the newcomers, the Moonbirds NFT collection, which debuted in April 2022, has captured the interest of the whole community.

What exactly are Moonbirds NFTs?

Moonbirds are a group of 10,000 non-fungible tokens that took flight on April 16th, 2022, under the ERC-721 standard. Moonbirds NFTs are described as “utility-enabled PFPs with a profoundly rich and distinct pool of rarity-powered features,” according to the official website.

In short, the project aspires to be another blue-chip PFP venture, but it also provides Moonbirds owners with many other benefits. Aside from its ease of use, each Moonbird is designed to provide access to a private club, with other perks accumulating as time passes. Nesting is the term for this final part

A Moonbird, for example, grants access to a Discord server that is NFT-gated. Users will have access to exclusive Moonbirds channels once inside, including updates on forthcoming drops, community activities, nesting, and other topics.

The collection was released at the cost of 2.5 ETH per NFT, with the designers receiving a 5% royalty on secondary sales. The official website says Moonbird owners also have all intellectual property rights. The floor has risen to an astronomical 36 ETH (worth roughly $108K) in anticipation of the nesting capability being unlocked at the time of writing, which is less than a week after the mint.

What does it mean to “nest”?

Moonbirds are designed to be locked up and nested without leaving the user’s wallet, in addition to their pixelated look that has survived the test of time within the cryptocurrency community (see CryptoPunks).

As soon as the Moonbird is nested, it will begin to collect additional advantages. As the total nested time accumulates, consumers will see their NFTs progress to new tier levels, resulting in their nest being upgraded. Nesting is not available at the time of this writing. However, the team has assured us that it will be released as soon as feasible.

Who Made Moonbirds NFT?

Let’s take a closer look at the people behind Moonbirds while we’re on the subject of teams. PROOF, the group behind the PROOF Collective and Grails projects, is in charge of the collection. Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell, both well-known names in the NFT community, formed the group. 

proof collective
source OpenSea

Rose said in a YouTube video that the profits from the sale would be used to transform PROOF into a well-known and prestigious media firm after the mint.

In any event, PROOF Collective is a closed community that is only open to the first 1,000 persons who have purchased a PROOF Collective NFT, which costs a whopping 140 ETH (about $420K) at the time of writing.

PROOF Collective is a community of 1,000 NFT collectors and artists who have come together to form a private organization. The ability to mint two Moonbirds while the PROOF Collective NFT was one of the perks of holding the PROOF Collective NFT.

NFTs Launch for the Moonbirds: Controversy and Beyond

Moonbirds, like any other highly anticipated release, sparked considerable debate. 

It’s crucial to understand how the collection was minted before unpacking. To begin, all holders of the PROOF Collective NFT (described above) were promised two mints. A total of 2,000 Moonbird NFTs have been produced due to this.

Second, individuals who won a raffle received 7,875 Moonbirds, which is where some of the problems arise. Some users took advantage of bots and generated over 400 accounts to Sybil Attack the raffle, according to well-known bitcoin researcher Zachxbt. 

Many in the community stated that there is no reason why this shouldn’t happen, though it did leave a bad taste in the mouths of fair users who were unable to mint as a result. 

Regardless, the crew saved the final 125 birds for distribution.

Moonbirds have been the hottest story in the NFT world for the last week, and it goes without saying. 

The collection has surpassed every previous collection for the time period by a long margin, with a total trade volume of more than 100,000 ETH, just under $300 million.

The tremendous interest seems to be the result of various factors; among them is undoubtedly an art. Moonbirds have distinct characteristics, some of which are more uncommon than others. As a result, the following Moonbird NFT was sold for 265 ETH.

moonbirds nft
source OpenSea

Their intriguing design, along with PROOF Collective’s reputation and a large amount of attention the project received before the mint, generated a lot of buzz about it, which helped to drive up the price of Moonbirds.

How to Purchase Moonbirds NFTs on OpenSea

On OpenSea, purchasing Moonbirds NFTs is as simple as buying any other NFT. Go to the OpenSea website and look for the collection – this is the sole official connection. After that, you’ll need to connect a Web3 wallet, with MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet being the most common options.

You’ll need to get some ETH or WETH once your wallet. 

The Coinbase Wallet has a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp, making it simple to purchase cryptocurrency. 

MetaMask offers a lot of the same features as coinbase. 

Then just browse to your preferred Moonbird NFT and click the purchase button. The same procedure is followed while selling.


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