What’s the difference between Web1, Web2, and Web3?

The Internet is an essential thing in the digital world. Everything has changed since the Internet was made. It made a new path that everyone had never been on before. It gave everyone a chance to see how interesting it is that everything works from top to bottom. From web1 to web3, the internet space kept changing, just like every other digital technology in the world. This change is brilliant, and it led to remarkable inventions like the development of crypto exchange on web3, NFT marketplace on web3, IDO launchpad on web3, Defi on web3, and many more.

What’s the web1 network?

The Web1 version of the Internet was the first network made in the digital world. This was a very simple version of the Internet. This is a one-way system, so information and data can only be added to the page, not taken away. There is no interaction at all. More specifically, it is the content delivery network (CDN). The data is already there, and the web structure can’t be changed or added. The HTML programming language is used to make the pages on the web1 network.

How does a web2 network work?

The Web2 network is the updated version of the Web1 network. This is the version of the Internet that we use right now. This is a way for people and the web to talk back and forth. This version of the Internet made it possible for many social media siteslike Instagram, facebook,Twitter etc to be made. These platforms play a crucial role in getting everyone to use the Internet. It has become a place where people don’t just look at pages but also start conversations and connect with many different people and networks all in one place.

How does a web3 network work?

The Web3 network is the most recent type of Internet. This is a network with no middlemen because it is not centralized. So, all the work on this network is done by the people who use it. So, the networking line is entirely safe and protects your privacy. The best thing about web3.0 is that it makes it possible to make cool things like the crypto exchange, blockchain networks, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The web3.0 version of the Internet is the best match for these ideas. It is creating a way for buyers and sellers to do business with each other without a middleman. So, making a wide range of digital applications available to everyone is a great way for the digital business platform to open the door to many possible future benefits.

Why is web3.0 better than the ones that came before it?

The web3.0 network is much better than the ones that came before it. All of this is because of one simple change to how the network is set up. This version of the Internet does not follow the rules set by third parties. 

The biggest problem with the networks that came before was how they got the data. Web2 was the last version of the web, and tech companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and many others ran it. Also, Google is seen as the leader of the web2 version of the Internet. Every part of the Internet depends on how good Google is at what it does. 

This was mostly about getting information and data from the users. So, their privacy was invaded, making digital users feel like they were being watched. Then the Web 3.0 network came along. This version of the Internet is not only suitable for users in terms of browsing, but it is also the perfect network for opening up a wide range of technological wonders in the digital space.

Web3.0’s technological marvels The development of crypto exchanges on Web3.0

The web3.0 network enabled a cryptocurrency exchange to reach great heights. This network is not based in one place. So, getting rid of the third parties makes it easier for cryptocurrencies to be traded on a decentralized platform. The growth of crypto exchanges on web3.0 makes it possible for anyone to start their own business and enter the digital world in style.

NFT marketplace development on web3.0

NFT marketplace development on web3.0 is the first step for NFTs to exist as a concept. The NFT platform is based on the smart use of the blockchain network and smart contracts. So, with web3.0, anything that has to do with NFTs is possible, and it is also expected to be a great business niche. So, it opened the door to many ideas for business growth in the digital space.

IDO Web 3.0 Launchpad Development

The development of the IDO launchpad on Web 3.0 is also an excellent chance for business platforms. IDO launchpads are where new crypto projects in the digital space are launched. With the help of the web3.0 network, everything gets done as well as possible.

DeFi Development on Web3.0 Defi space is the newest technological wonder in the digital space. Businesses can now use the Defi development on the web3.0 network because it was made possible by the web3.0 network.

One Last Thing,

Web3.0 is the best network right now and is thought to be the future of digital networking. Business platforms that want to get into crypto will have to deal with the web3.0 version of the Internet. This network will give people worldwide access to a wide range of benefits and business opportunities. So, it’s the best way to get a decentralized business up and running quickly.

Wait, there’s more.

Recently, the co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced the building of WEB5. Jack Dorsey believes bitcoin will play a significant role in the growth of the Internet. According to him, the “Web5” project is envisioned as an identity-based system that will only use one blockchain.

This leaves a serious question, where is web4? 


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