Ubisoft Announces Project Q Won’t Feature NFTs or Quartz.


    With the Quartz project, Ubisoft received a lot of backlash and low sales, therefore they’re rethinking their strategy.

    Ubisoft’s new Project Q is verified to be NFT-free, thanks to the earlier backlash around the Ubisoft Quartz initiative. After promptly replying to numerous anxious gamers, the company’s Twitter account is emphatic that there will be no NFTs in the game.

    One player speculated that the Q may represent for Quartz, while others were worried about Ubisoft’s use of the phrase “really own the experience” in the release, but the fast reaction suggests that there will be no NFTs, at least for the time being. The way the responses are worded, it seems like it is still a possibility in the future.


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