TOHO CLUB Purchased BAYC#5513 to Create Benchmark NFT Project of China


    TOHO CLUB, a Chinese platform for issuing NFTs, said that it would buy BAYC#5513, which will be changed by the platform.

    The images of the Bored Ape TOHO Club (Bored Ape TOHO Club) are based on how “bored” Bored Ape is and how it looks. The design of BATC has been changed to include more Chinese elements that fit with how Chinese people like things to look.

    The program that makes the 9,999 BATC images picks them at random from a pool of 11 body parts and more than 400 components. So, each BATC is a unique digital copyright product of the Chinese version of Board Ape. People are sure that BATC, which combines a lot of different things, will write a new chapter in Chinese copyright NFR.


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