Taylor Gerring, Co-Founder of Ethereum, buys a Mega Mutant Serum for $3.6M.


    Co-Founder of Ethereum, Taylor Gerring, just bought a Mega Mutant Serum for 888eth ($3.6m)

    In August of 2021, all holders of the bored ape yacht club were airdropped one of three mutant serums. The M1 and M2 serums both are used to create mutations of the Bored Ape they are applied to; different versions of the original ape. The Mega Mutant Serum is a different beast altogether and creates an entirely new ape with new properties, making it extremely rare and valuable.

    Only 8 Mega Mutant Serums were airdropped. 4 have been used to mutate an ape – and 4 serums remain.


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