Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy VII NFT Toys Are Infuriating.


    Square-Enix launches toys of Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith with the iconic concept design work by Tetsuya Nomura for the original PlayStation game in 3D form.

    Except they all have a “Digital Certificate of Authenticity” that’s simply an NFT. The method needs collectors to sign up for a wallet with the Enjin blockchain network, and a “Digital Plus” edition of each figure lets you redeem an NFT for a 3D reproduction visible in the real world through an augmented reality site. Both versions include the NFT. If you buy the figure and don’t register for a wallet, the token still remains for that figure, and you’re paying extra for nothing – each FFVII Bring Arts figure costs $US130 ($180), while previous editions cost $US85 ($118)-$US100 ($139). Extra for something you don’t want?


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