Opera becomes the first to launch a Web3 browser.


    Opera has released the beta of its Crypto Browser Project, with beta versions of the new web browser immediately available for PC, Mac, and mobile phones, delivering a new web experience with Web3 at its core.

    The browser is specifically designed to work with a variety of decentralized apps, or dApps, as well as provide deeper functionality than a traditional browser that has a basic web wallet add-on. This is possible thanks to a wide array of built-in, web3 focused features, as well as the inherent speed that Chromium already offers the suite of Opera browsers. For starters, the Crypto Corner gives you access to the latest blockchain news, upcoming airdrops, an industry events calendar, NFTs, crypto communities, educational content, podcasts, and videos as well as crypto prices, gas fees, and market sentiment – all in one spot.


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