NFTfi Partners With Safe To Create First NFT Rights Management Wallet


    The NFT lending Safe, formerly known as Gnosis Safe, is a digital asset manager that is working with NFTfi to make a new product for owners of NFTs
     that will add value to digital assets.

    Most of the time, an NFT owner’s rights, such as the ability to show an NFT, access content that requires a token, sign transactions with it, or receive an airdrop, are tied to the blockchain address of the wallet that holds the NFT.

    When a digital asset is moved out of a wallet, like when it is used as collateral for a loan or rented, the person who owns it may be giving up physical ownership.

    The problem is to make NFT rights work better. The solution that NFTfi and Safe have come up with is an NFT Rights Management Wallet. This wallet will allow Safe Ethereum wallet users to separate and give other Ethereum addresses certain rights and permissions that come with an NFT.


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