Meta plans to open 10 Metaverse Campuses.


    Meta, a social media company that focuses on the metaverse, is helping universities set up their own online virtual reality campuses. As part of its Immersive Learning project, the company will open 10 virtual campuses. The goal of this project is to bring learning into virtual reality environments. In cooperation with Victoryxr, a virtual reality education company based in Iowa.

    One of the most important ways that virtual reality and metaverse technology can be used is in education, where virtual reality classes could be a reality. Meta, a huge social media company, is putting this idea into action by helping 10 universities launch campuses based on the metaverse. One of these is the online university University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). Now, the university’s more than 45,000 students will be able to meet online in a metaverse and talk about their lives.


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