Meta adds parental supervision tools for Quest VR headsets


    Meta is adding new ways for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ Quest virtual reality headsets and Instagram accounts. The VR safety tools, which were first talked about in March, are now being used all over the world.

    A teen’s account needs to be set up so that a parent can keep an eye on it. Through the Oculus app’s Parent Dashboard, parents and guardians will be able to block apps (including web browsers), see a list of the apps on the teen’s account, and look at their list of friends. A teen can ask their parent if they can buy an app that is only for people over a certain age, and the parent can say yes or no. Parents can also see how much time teens spend looking at their headset screens, get notifications when they buy an app, and block the Link and Air Link features to stop teens from using PC content on their headset.


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