Forbes NFT Collection Hits 1 ETH Floor Price


    On April 11th – 13th, Forbes magazine teamed up with the FTX exchange to create a collection of 100 Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaires, who were sold for 0.25 ETH each.

    The minimum amount necessary in an FTX account was 0.25 ETH (about $750) to participate in the minting and blind sale of Forbes NFTs, which were distributed at random to buyers. Subscribers to Forbes’ paywall were whitelisted for two days of early access.

    On FTX, the current lowest price, also known as the floor price, is almost 1 Ethereum (ETH), or around $3000. So, for an NFT effort that was largely a bit of fun and to mark Forbes’ maiden entry into developing its own NFT collection, the valuation has climbed 400 percent in just a few weeks.


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