Azuki to send $1M NFT to space with Nasa and SpaceX


    Bobu the Bean Farmer will be accompanying NASA and SpaceX on the Crew-4 trip to the International Space Station, according to Azuki. Bobu will be the first NFT to send private keys to space via the Ledger protocol.

    Azuki intends to transfer Bobu (Azuki #40 – fractionalized into Bobu Tokens -> 2,000 valued at $1M) from that research capsule’s Ledger.

    This project (in collaboration with stellar.gcu) is the first time an NFT has been used in a hardware wallet in space. Bobu is a central figure in the Azuki universe, which is a fractionalized IP owned by 12K holders. What are your thoughts on the news? Let us know in the comments section below!


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