Jay-Z pumps millions in metaverse startup

Marcy Venture Partners (MVP), a tech incubator founded by Shawn Carter (JAY-Z), his longtime manager Jay Brown, and music executive Larry Marcus, has invested heavily in 24-year-old technologist Iddris Sandu’s startup Spatial LABS. The two companies have launched a multi-tiered partnership to explore the limitless possibilities at the intersection of technology, culture, and humanity via sLABS, which is dedicated to impact-driven innovation.

Sandu’s partnership with Jay-Z is designed to provide young people with the technology they need to become successful. According to Sandu, “Jay-Z has always been on the cutting edge of cultural change and spotting the next generation’s leaders. Aligning with Marcy Venture Partners helps us achieve our goal of empowering young people via access to technology. This partnership’s long-term significance is characterized not just by the work we’re doing right now, but by the beneficial impact it will have on future generations of creators.”

Sandu, a young visionary multi-hyphenate creative, innovator, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, was born in Accra, Ghana, and raised in Compton and Harbor City in California. His work reflects his diverse life experiences, constantly expanding on his vision to democratize access and bridge the gap between technology and culture.

In 2017, Sandu founded ethos and a consulting firm focused on advancement and innovation. That same year, he launched sLABS, a tech incubator designed to bridge the gap between the metaverse and real-world applications of blockchain technology. And in 2019, Sandu announced HALT, his transportation, and infrastructure business.

sLABS has previously helped companies create augmented reality campaigns with Beyoncé’s Ivy Park, Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Clothing Store, Rihanna’s Fenty line, and Kanye West’s Yeezy, all of which Jay-Z has actively worked with and even co-founded.

In 2017, the Marathon store in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, became the world’s first “smart store,” allowing customers to interact with objects in the store to unlock augmented reality experiences and obtain access to limited-edition items. Customers could buy merchandise and get a sneak peek at exclusive material from West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle via an app, thanks to Sandu’s role as chief of technology.

Around the time he helped create a smart store for the Hussle brand in LA, Sandu was acquainted with the likes of Jay-Z. After working with Hussle, he spent a year as a design and tech consultant for Kanye West’s Yeezy brand. He then went on to consult with Rihanna. “I used augmented reality to build Beyonce’s entire website,” Sandu explains. “A partnership with Jay was a no-brainer.” Sandu saw a lot of himself in Jay. “When Jay and I met, it was an instant understanding. I feel he recognized in me what he saw in himself early on.”

This investment comes when blockchain and cryptocurrency companies are rapidly expanding. MVP leads and co-invests in companies with strong brand values, proven growth, and catalysts for scaling up. sLABS is an example of what could be done through the lens of a Black creative.

SlaBS’ first project, LNQ, is an innovative blockchain-enabled hardware platform that makes the metaverse more accessible to creators and provides a decentralized communications channel for fans.

Last week, the company unveiled a wearable internet website, which displayed a countdown to its launch 22 days later. A thriving community can be found on the company’s Discord page.

Dedicated to serving people first and foremost, he is the common denominator within today’s most essential and advanced digital-facing moments.

We believe that Iddris Sandu has an exciting vision to explore agriculture. Given his background in technology and his desire to donate a large portion of what he earns from music to helping the less fortunate, we are looking forward to following the progress of this artist.

Iddris Sandu is indeed turning music and technology into art. By utilizing the available technology, Sandu has been able to enchant his audience with more vividly interactive performances at events like LAUNCH Festival. Iddris Sandu makes the most of virtual reality, creating a 3D immersive metaverse experience for music lovers.


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