3 Steps to buy and sell Reddit NFT Avatars.

If you’re on a social media platform, chances are you’ve heard about Reddit and Reddit NFT Avatars. If not, then get out from the Rock.

Reddit has been trying out crypto and non-fungible tokens for a long time. Even so, they did it roundaboutly and without using blockchain technology.

Power users have been using Awards, a site feature, for a long time to highlight funny, helpful, or touching comments from other users. There are three levels of prices for these awards, and Reddit has had them for years. Also, buying and using them costs real money. But when an Award is given, the post or comment that gets it gets a special, one-of-a-kind status. Sounds familiar?

With the recent release of collectible NFT avatars, Reddit has finally made money from ideas that are becoming more familiar to its users. This could benefit Reddit’s most active users in the long run. Two years ago, Reddit released its Avatar Builder platform. Users could choose to upgrade their avatars by buying special parts on-site, obviously, for real money. If you did this, you would probably lose money that you could never get back. No longer, though.

Now that Reddit has kept its promise to join the NFT market, this is shaping up to be one of the best platforms and technology we’ve seen on the Internet so far. And the best part is Getting in on it is a lot easier and safer than buying into the Reddit Coins ecosystem as it is now.

So, where can I buy these Reddit NFTs?

Reddit first put up NFT Avatar for sale on its own Marketplace. Reddit made it easy for the first lucky people to buy these avatars by letting them pay with real-world money. Prices ranged from $10 to $100. The Reddit Vault was an NFT wallet that users of the site could use.

Even though they are no longer available on the site itself, avatars from the first drop are still for sale on secondary NFT markets like OpenSea. Here, you can buy a Reddit NFT avatar from someone who used to own it. Not hard, right? Yes, but you need to take a few steps to get there if you are starting from nothing. If you’re already up to your neck in NFTs, then go ahead.

1. Make a cryptocurrency wallet

First of all, you’ll need to set up a cryptocurrency wallet. You can store the cryptocurrency you’ll need to buy your Reddit NFT avatar from OpenSea and the NFT itself on Crypto Wallet. Even though the Reddit Vault is a convenient choice, Reddit will only be able to help you if you remember your password or recovery phrase.

So, if you want a similar experience to what most people in the NFT space have, MetaMask is the most popular and trusted crypto wallet in the community. You can even add it to your browser to make it work better. Once you’ve set it up, you can easily buy crypto and NFTs from marketplaces and exchanges with just a few clicks.

2. Invest in some crypto but first, DYOR.

Your next step, once you have your wallet, is to buy some crypto at an exchange like Binance or CoinBase. You can think of this as turning your “real” (fiat) currency into a virtual version that can be used on blockchain marketplaces. If you also want to keep some cash in your crypto wallet for future purchases, we recommend converting most of your Web3 budget into a stablecoin like USDC or USDT. The real U.S. dollar backs the value of these coins, so if they lose value, you probably have bigger problems than losing a few hundred dollars.

You can use whatever is left of your budget to buy Ethereum. With its recent Merge, Ethereum has considerably cut its energy use and, by extension, its environmental impact. That means Al Gore can’t sneak up on you from behind. Yay!

Once you’ve bought your cryptocurrency and are ready to use it, it’s time to move it to your brand-new personal cryptocurrency wallet. Now that that’s out of the way, you’re almost ready to buy or sell Reddit NFT Avatars.

3. Sign up for an OpenSea account.

Since most Reddit NFT Avatars are being sold on OpenSea, it makes the most sense to commit, thereby making an account on that platform. If you want to sell NFTs in the future, you could also use OpenSea, which is the most popular NFT marketplace in the community.

It’s pretty easy to create an account on OpenSea. If you already have a crypto wallet, it only takes a few clicks to get the job done. The most important thing to do is to link your cryptocurrency wallet to your OpenSea account. Once you’ve done that, you can sail wherever you want on OpenSea.

Disclaimer: Above mentioned suggestions are purely for education purposes. If you want to get into crypto, then first always DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. We are not Responsible for your actions.


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